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About Us


Guincho Adventours welcomes you on your visit to Portugal.

A truly charming and exciting destination.

Get in touch with our culture, our activities and, of course, our gastronomy.

Feel secure yet adventurous with our friendly guides.

We have at your disposal various services, adapted for families and groups.

Guincho Adventours is the heart of the adventure in Cascais. Located near Sintra and Lisbon, this service with more than 10 years that creates adventures, having more than 100 thousand Km traveled and about 50,000 satisfied customers.

Holidays usually mean a pool, eating at the buffet and / or relaxing on the beach. Well, maybe for some people. But if this is not your idea of ​​time well past, you are not alone. If you want more activity and adventure when traveling, come to Guincho Adventours.

But there is more at Guincho Adventours than riding a Kayak, Bike rides, Buggy and / or Moto-Four. Guincho Adventours includes, in addition to other activities full of adrenaline, guided tours in the area of ​​Sintra, a world heritage site of unusual beauty. It is up to you to choose the type of adventure of the various services at your disposal. Join Guincho Adventours in an adventure that combines fun, action and face-to-face interaction. Spend a day that you will not soon forget.

Upon your arrival at Guincho Adventours, you will be greeted by the guides, who will show you the route to the tour in question along with an extensive and detailed explanation of what to do and not do for the specific service you have chosen. The rest of the time is yours to relax and have a good time.

Guincho's most popular Adventours service is the 3-hour tour that ends at Guincho's Adventours office in Areia, Guincho. With our guides, you will be able to enjoy every moment of your adventure always surrounded by nature and some of the most beautiful views in the world.

With the Guincho Adventours, you can enjoy the comfort of our pickup and drop off service. Our van will pick you up and take you back to the Hotel, Villa or any other place of your choice within a radius of 20 km. Starting your experience with a tour always on the road with the most interesting view, Until you reach the Adventours Guincho offices. While enjoying the ride, our guides will explain how your adventure will be. Prepare yourself for a tour with the Serra de Sintra a world heritage site in "background" or near the local beaches where you can enjoy the beauty of the coast of Portugal.

(Children 12+ are welcome)

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